Decontamination Misting Tunnel

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ViraTek, Inc. has discontinued our CS2020 Model and replaced it with The LE2020 Model. We will continue to provide service and parts for the CS2020 to customers who purchased this model from ViraTek, Inc.


The NEW LE2020 & LE2828 Misting Tunnels are fabricated of wrapped Stainless Steel construction providing a seamless look that is easily sanitized. 


LE2020 Side View 



The misting pump is activated by a photo-electric eye switch.  The pump automatically shuts off if the photo-electric eye is not activated for 10 seconds, ensuring that no items will be over-sprayed.

Front loading View



The standard wheeled material handling off-load conveyor expands from 2 to 8 feet and is easily detached from the unit and transported. It comes standard with a package stop at the end.


Off-Load View



The 3 gallon reservoir, in-line filter and flow meter are conveniently located underneath the load end. These are all of the items that the end-user needs to access on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  The control panel and misting pump are located behind the front panel.  The motor and torque limiter are located behind the side stainless steel access doors. 


Front View of Load End



The interior conveyor system is 1 inch Stainless Steel mesh.  The piping is stainless steel with Acetal plastic threaded nozzles with stainless steel filter screens.

View Into Misting Tunnel



The LE2020 & LE2828 come standard with emergency shut off controls located at both the load and unload ends of the unit.


Front View Showing Emergency Stop


Click here to view video of misting tunnel in operation

The mist produced by the LE2020/LE2828 will provide 100% coverage of any item conveyed through it within 7 seconds (approximately 1/40th the time required to perform the same task by spray bottle or wipes).


The LE2020 & LE2828 not only decrease labor cost but also use just 50% of the solution compared to hand application in the decontamination process.